Personal Statement

While my skills are primarily in technology, I consider myself a digital marketer with a technological focus. My contributions to the workplace goes beyond the code that makes digital products run.

Collaboration is the soul of the workplace, and I thrive when given opportunities to work with people across discipline. A functional workplace requires collaboration, and all voices to be heard. This is not only to ensure the project is done on time and on budget, but to also consider viewpoints and perspectives that a smaller group may not have seen.

I have lead departments of technologists, ranging from very experienced to their first job in the industry. My hope for the folks who work with me is that they learn how to be better developers, strategic thinkers, and always keep the user in mind.

Work Experience

Sr. Director of Front-End Technology · AMP Agency ☔ Remote, Portland OR · Jan 2021 — Present

Previous Titles Held:

  • Director of Front-End Technology

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Run a team of several front-end developers and support hiring decisions for technical department
  • Verify budgets vs timelines
  • Work closely with department heads to establish and codify processes both within the technical department and cross-discipline on everything from code style to release-cycle management
  • Continue contributing 85%+ of time to billable project work

Director of Front-End Technology · SmallTalk ☔ Remote, Portland OR · Jan 2019 — Dec 2020

Previous Titles Held:

  • Manager, Front-End Engineering
SmallTalk was acquired by AMP in 2020, and we changed our name in 2021.

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Run a team of several front-end developers and support hiring decisions for department
  • Establish overall front-end technical standards and approach for all projects
  • Allocation of technical staff to projects
  • Work with Account managers to establish estimates, timelines, and overall project budgets for new and existing business
  • Develop company-wide standards for technical implementation and handoff
  • Develop new-business pitch content to sell new business with cross-discipline teams

Manager, Front-End Engineering · Velowerks ☔ Remote, Portland OR · April 2016 — Jan 2019

Previous Titles Held:

  • Lead Front-End Developer
VeloWerks was acquired by SmallTalk in 2019.

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • HR Manager for Senior- and Mid-level developers, providing both career guidance and technical support
  • Project-level technical lead for Front-End
  • Estimate efforts for projects, and allocate staff according to needs

Lead Front-End Developer · Epsilon 🌉 San Francisco, CA · Feb 2013 — March 2016

Previous Titles Held:

  • Sr. Developer
Epsilon was known as SolutionSet when I was hired mid-acquisition.

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Act as lead developer on several high-profile projects
  • Establish

Sr. Web Developer · Gyro 🌉 San Francisco, CA · March 2012 — Jan 2013

Gyro is now known as Merckle

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Worked on PHP, WordPress, HTML email, and JS-based SPA for various B2B clients such as Ryder, VMWare, Varian
  • Participlated in creative pitch sessions with rest of Creative team

Sr. Interactive Developer · 88 Brand Partners 🏙 Chicago, IL · Feb 2010 — March 2012

88 Brand Partners was known as PMG (Pratt Marketing Group) when I was hired

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Supported on day-to-day devops and IT responsibilities for the company
  • Developed PHP, HTML websites for clients such as NorthShore University System, Discover Card
  • Built internal employee / manager review tool
  • Build HTML banner ads

Web Developer · Visible 🏙 Chicago, IL · March 2009 — Jan 2010

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Built PHP, WordPress and custom HTML websites for a variety of clients
  • Supported on day-to-day devops and IT responsibilities for the company

Web Developer · Lisa P. Maxwell 🏙 Chicago, IL · March 2008 — July 2009

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Built PHP, WordPress and custom HTML websites for a variety of clients
  • Built a ActionScript-based streaming chat and video website
  • Front-end developer on a dynamic print-ad building system
  • Supported on day-to-day devops and IT responsibilities for the company

Web Developer and Integrator · Infomercial.TV 🌴 Los Angeles, CA · May 2006 — March 2008

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Designed, developed and maintained campaign landing pages and full websites for direct-marketing clients

Web Developer · Big Fish 🍀 Boston, MA · July 2004 — March 2006

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Designed and developed and maintained campaign landing pages and full websites for a variety of clients


I've picked up a lot over the years, but these are the most relevant to my day-to-day.

Technical Proficiencies

  • HTML5
  • CSS / CSS
  • JS / ES6
  • PHP
Frameworks / Libraries

Hard to list 'em all, but the ones I use the most these days are:

  • WordPress
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Astro
  • Jekyll
  • jQuery
  • React Native
  • AlpineJS
  • Tailwind
  • Bootstrap

I've used a lot of them, but the ones that are most frequently used and customized are:

  • WordPress
  • Contentful
  • Sitecore
  • Optimizely

Technical Expertise

I've done a little bit of everything, but these are my strong suits.

Data Modelling / Architecture

This skill comes into play most ofen while designing WordPress or Contentful data models, but have come into play when working on static sites as well.

Front-End Technical Architecture & Builds

This includes everything from SCSS folder structure / mixin / color systems to JS namespacing to file name and directory structures to linting rules on various platforms / frameworks. I've dealt with Gulp / Bower / Grunt / Webpack.

Accessibility Testing, Auditing, Remediation

I've written very in-depth and detailed reports both pre-and post-remediation for accessibility - as well as done the work to remediate the issues.

CD / CI Pipelines

While not a dev-ops engineer, I've built pipelines - mostly for WordPress Sage 9.x based sites - in Azure Dev Ops and in CircleCI, and can direct dev ops engineers on desired outcomes based on requirements (branching / tagging strategy, etc)

Code Review

I'll catch those questionable patterns with these eagle-eyes of mine.

Odds & Ends
  • App Store Review / Release Process
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Develeopment
  • Technical audits
  • Documentation, Client CMS / Authoring training
  • CRM integrations (SalesForce, Hubspot, Pardot, MailChimp)
  • Custom HTML Email Development
  • Custom HTML5 Banner Ad Development
  • Dev Ops Work (CircleCI, Azure Pipelines, Github Actions, Vercel)
  • SEO / Analytics: Best practices & Data Layer Integration

Professional Skills


Strong communicator with excellent written and verbal skills, with an ability to modify context based on audience (technical vs non-technical)


Trusted leader demonstrated by total sense of ownership over project deliverables, high rapport with colleagues and reports alike, and contributions to overall success of department and agency


Tenacious problem-solving skills, demonstrated by solving complex technical problems with unique or clever solutions, with an ability to determine longevity and scalability of solution vis-a-vis overall timelines and budgets


I pride myself on having a strong sense of detail - apparent in code-reviews, design-reviews, and "the little things."


Don't take my word for it, here's some kind words others have said about working alongside me:

Colin is the most trusted member of my leadership team. I cannot imagine the team running without him. I know that when I am not available, he will fill in without any problem. His leadership allows me to focus on other areas on the team. — VP, Technology
Colin is an outstanding lead and individual contributor on project work. Every team would like him to be involved in their projects. — VP, Technology
Consistently goes above and beyond. — QA Lead
Colin never failed to take the reins and lead the team, both technical and non technical, to make sure the project is a success. He goes out of his way to think about ways to set his team up for success. — Group Product Director
Colin holds the whole frontend team together, while excelling as an individual contributor, *and* while leading others to be able to gradually share in his responsibilities. — Direct Report

Education & Qualifications


  • BS in Multimedia & Web Design 2005, New England Institute of Art

Qualifications & Certificates

  • Sitecore Certified Developer
  • Ruby on Rails Certificate